course logo & packaging
category packaging, canned cocktail, vintage ephemera 
completion 2020
typography madegra, avenir next, arpona
deliverables beverage art & typesetting, social media 

Canned beverages are all the rage, but a sophisticated hard tea with gorgeous packaging to match its audience is hard to come by. My objective here is to fill that empty spot with a highly botanical, almost mystical, gin & tea beverage. Gin drinkers are mostly women; canned cocktail drinkers are mostly millennials. Put it together and what do you get? Prost.


To appeal to a certain kind of women millennials who are botanical in nature, the ornamentation resembles that of the Art Nouveau Era, with a color palette that's more Vienna Secession. Like vintage boho jewelry, Prost calls out to its target audience to be both worn and consumed. The ornamentation directly inspires the brand name, meaning "cheers" in German. Madegra compliments the swashy artwork while Avenir keeps the secondary typesetting light.  

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