course page layout
category branding, UX/UI
completion 2021
typography New Kansas, Etna, Bree Serif
deliverables social media, homepage, application, logo

Brand identity make-over for a non-profit organization, in this case Three Ring Ranch Exotic Animal Sanctuary. Its an odd place doing great things in the middle of the Pacific, so its color palette, tone of voice, logo and imagery must honor that. The existing organization hasn't a clear brand identity, so I started from the ground up.


For the personality, I use Etna for tone-of-voice and Bree Serif as a secondary typesetting. These typefaces, in combination with pastel pink, turquoise and animal cutouts create a stylistic juxtaposition, where the wild west meets a tropical island. A crest logo is great for versatility, so after staring at a leaf for a few hours which started to resemble a zebra, I custom made the symbol to appear as such.

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