course page layout
category menu design
completion 2021
typography baskerville; disturbance, mr eaves mod

Sacrament is a sacrilegious themed speakeasy located in an abandoned carpenter gothic church. Catering to age 25-40 LGBT+ crowd who enjoy gritty alternatives to mainstream clubs and a voice that prods at fundamentalism. Sacrament's menu and branded items break away from the typical bar as it uses eco-friendly and repurposed materials. My goal is to convey its sacrilegious mischief and gorgeous, victorian inspired typesetting.


Use of a color palette, graphic elements and branded items that are ornate but require minimal waste & resources. I use hemp paper from a local vendor for both the menu and business cards, and repurposed bibles for the check presentation. Warped vintage etchings in juicy reds adds haunted  dramatics, while a simple typographic setting makes the menu easily digestible for the intoxicated.

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