course page layout
category niche magazine, layout
completion 2021
typography haboro, scotch, owners
deliverables logo, custom lettering, grid system, ephemera

Surface Magazine touches on temporary body art used across different cultures. Target audience are women, especially artists, age 25–40 and, in theory, would already be interested/knowledgable in this topic. Therefore, I want to honor, respect and celebrate the subject at hand through minimal graphics and play with negative space. 


To add a bit of nature to an editorial concept, I use my very own fingers to paint out letters for the logo, then combine it with the lovely Haboro. Using two and three column grids, I creat some healthy negative space with a surprise rebellion of graphics and pull quotes. This creates textures, movement and curiosity—as the body arts themselves. Photography is adjusted for a warm boho feel, with some grain to announce the longevity of body ornamentation. 

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