course advanced typography
category spirits, packaging, typography
completion 2020
typography aria, freight, pilat
deliverables typographic label, social media, logo 

This project presents the conceptualization of "Traverse," a travel-exclusive whiskey brand targeting discerning travelers. Traverse caters to a mid-to-high-income demographic who frequently travel for business and leverage a specific airline. The brand voice embodies a charmingly sophisticated persona, reminiscent of James T. Kirk from Star Trek. It strikes a balance, acknowledging the seriousness of business endeavors while acknowledging the personal lives of its clientele. The design challenge here was to create a typographic label utilizing minimal decorative elements 


The whiskey logo adopts a classic aesthetic, crafted in the Aria typeface. This selection was made for its high-end feel, with transitional serifs that offer a touch of liberation and a moderate level of contrast for legibility. A custom swash adorns the apex of the "V," adding a subtle sense of dynamism. To further emphasize the brand's travel focus, a subtle compass rose motif appears on the label's edge, creating a counterpoint to the sleek lines of the Nordic-inspired bottle. The color palette utilizes a marine blue, chosen for its evocation of trust, authority, and a sophisticated jet-setting lifestyle. 

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