course advanced typography
category spirits, packaging, typography
completion 2020
typography aria, freight, pilat
deliverables typographic label, social media, logo 

Conceptualize a travel exclusive whiskey brand. In this case, Traverse, targets medium to high income travelers, people who travel for work and the airline through which they commute. It's tone of voice is charmingly sophisticated (think James T. Kirk). It isn't all business, but neither are business people. The parameter for this project was to create a typographic label using minimal ephemera.  


A classic whiskey logo was constructed in Aria—chosen for its high-end, yet freeing transitional serif and moderate contrast. I topped of the arm of the V with a custom swash for movement. Compass rose ephemera was used to bring out the edge of label in contrast to the sleek Nordic bottle. Marine blue conveys trust, authority and a jetsetter attitude. 

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